Thursday, 21 November 2013

Where is the Farming Land????????

A demonstrator during the G20 meeting
Its almost three months since i moved from Mombasa to Nairobi. Well such a shift calls for so many adjustments bearing that Nairobi's life is more fast and crazy compared to the Mombasa one. Not to be spared the hustle and bustle is my search for land, a small piece of it to practice my  farming in the city.
You see one of my former farming friends who i met online and started off a project in Nairobi with has already progressed in her herbs business that definitely i have no room in there.One year is quite a long time time to wait for someone. So she moved along and the enterprise is going on so well and she cant even meet the demand of herbs from her little 1/8 of a garden along Kiambu Road.

In the same case i have been scouting for some piece of land to rent/lease. This being that rental houses in Nairobi are higher up and the only open space left for my farming is the rooftop which for most times is filled with storage tanks and clothes hanging lines. This makes it a no-no farming area lest you get your veges watered by dripping fabric conditioned clothes. The other available options are  first to do corridor gardening which means , placing my crops in sacks, plastic containers, plastic bags, anything that can hold some soil in it but you have to agree with me that i will only be sufficiently philanthropic in providing a good source of vitamins to all and sundry who live within my vicinity. Well they will invade them when am not around the premises.It happened in Kwale and in Nairobi am certain they will carry even the soil filled containers. 

The second option would be to practice indoor farming where i bring in soil-less solutions and grow crops in there. Its one of the thoughts crowding my mind as of now but when you look at the construction of most houses in Nairobi you can see a few cracks here and there and if it means introducing more moisture in the room i might as well wake up to a pile of collapsed stones. Well of course in that case i wont wake up at all. In addition the soil less solution doesn't come cheap.

So this has left me to having disappearing acts on weekends to my dad's farm who specializes on bee keeping, goat, cattle and sheep rearing, and now now starting to pick off on mushrooms, quails and rabbits. He is soo good in his farming and not like Billy's dad :) Despite this being quite a nice and fulfilling venture  i still would love to get a piece of land within the confines of the city because nothing would fill my heart with joy, if not waking up in the morning to take my produce to the market before proceeding to my 8-5 day job.

How of land agents?
Well am not sure you know how pathetic land agents can be. They are worse than the house agents. I remember once my friend went searching for a house, paid the viewing fee only to be taken to an abandoned classroom and the agent telling her she can move in anytime she wishes. They will lease to you a piece of land under ownership somewhere else and leave you with endless tug of wars with the owners. And my being new in the area doesn't make it any better.

Online Land directory?
Since i realized i am not the only person scouting for land, i thought i could come up with a directory sort of for land.If you have or know someone who has some idle piece of land that they would willingly wish to lease, drop me an email at emmiewakio(at)gmail(dot)com and lets take the conversation further.

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