Monday, 14 May 2012

And the 2012 Best Agriculture Blog in Kenya is..............

It had been an excruiting journey from the nomination to the voting process.Worse still i couldn't make it to the event due to some unavoidable circumstances.Nevertheless,i did follow the whole event remotely thanks to CapitalTV Livestream.

I still recall the happy tense moment when Larry Madowo,the MC of the event, announced the winner for the Best Agriculture Blog.It was wonderful,superb,amazing,unbelievable, any word of your choice. Who thought Tracking The Scent would take the lead?

Tears of joy stung my eyes and as Waruiru Gachagua (My representative) took to the podium to receive the certificate on my behalf which as being presented by David Mugo of Wikimedia Kenya i shouted,i screamed, i finally believed we did it! My heartfelt thanks went out to God, My dad(the greatest farmer),my fans who voted for me,my friends Nawsheen Hosenally , Isaac Kosgei ,Antony Kahonge all who we share a youth in Agriculture passion through the social media.

David Mugo and Waruiru Gachagua

The Blogging Journey
I started blogging last year as a hobby and more so for learning new technologies. In addition, i sought it a wise venture to keep my farming passion alive after failing to get a job in the agriculture sector upon graduation from college and going by the negativity youths had towards farming in general.Little did i know a love affair was in the making.I thought why not look at better farming practices that could be replicated amongst the youths.

I believe this is just the beginning of a fruitful Youth in Agriculture campaign journey.The Emails,the messages on Facebook and DMs on twitter i receive speak volumes of how a greater percentage of young people are interested in agriculture.And with Global Unemployment rate rising, i believe agriculture will be the only satisfying profession among the Generation Y.

Thank you so much BAKE-Kenya for making blogging such a noble profession.Not forgetting my blogging mentor Wanjeri Gakuru who i met on a New Year's Eve Beach Party and is one of the pillars upon which this blog stands.Thank you all who voted in my favour and more so for giving me a chance to raise the Youth in Agriculture~Kenya  flag higher and higher.I pray i won't disappoint you.Let's keep Tracking the Scent and who knows we could be on our way to feeding the whole world before 2050 sets in!  :-)

 Aluta continua!

PS :The  BAKE Awards poster and the sponsors


  1. Indeed, good stuff. Congrats again!

  2. Thanks a lot Ibarah.Sure let's keep tracking the scent.....