Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The First Time My Agriculture Cause Hits the Daily

All courtesy of Evelyn Situma and  Business Daily Africa

Emmie (inset) has turned her rooftop into a garden where she uses broken containers to grow kales and cowpeas. Photos/Courtesy 
Bloggers Passion For Agriculture Blossoms
After failing to secure formal employment after her graduation, Emmie Kio Wachira, 22, opted to blog on Agriculture “to keep my passion alive.” Less than a year later, her energy has been recognised and her efforts rewarded after her blog, ‘Tracking the scent’ was named the winning agriculture blog in the just concluded BAKE (Bloggers Association of Kenya) award.
The non-monetary award has inspired her to continue blogging. “Blogging is what keeps my love for agriculture alive,” she says.
Her pet subjects include land conservation, farm-tech, food security, business opportunities and funding.
Emmie developed her resilience at Egerton University where, as a freshman, her friends discouraged her against pursuing agriculture. But her father provided the much need support; she followed her heart.
“I settled on agribusiness management,” she said. As her graduation day drew nearer, Emmie was certain that she would not take long looking for a job; after all, her contacts had promised internship opportunities.
Armed with her degree, Emmie went after her contacts but none offered her the internship they had promised. Disappointed, she resolved to create a blog to keep her passion alive as she settled for an administration job in Mombasa to make ends meet.

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