Thursday, 28 June 2012

Call for Short Films at The International Year of Cooperatives 2012 Festival

 Deadline: 30 September 2012

The International Year of Cooperatives (IYC) Short Film Festival will take place on 19 November 2012 at the United Nations Headquarters during the closing ceremony of the Year. The theme is "Cooperative Enterprises Build a Better World".
The films should raise awareness about cooperatives – what they are, and what they do – and encourage support and development of cooperative enterprises by individuals and their communities. The films should also highlight at least one of the 10 key messages of the International Year of Cooperatives:
  1. Cooperative enterprises build a better world
  2. Cooperative enterprises are member owned, member serving and member driven
  3. Cooperatives empower people
  4. Cooperatives improve livelihoods and strengthen the economy
  5. Cooperatives enable sustainable development
  6. Cooperatives promote rural development
  7. Cooperatives balance both social and economic demands
  8. Cooperatives promote democratic principles
  9. Cooperatives and gender: a pathway out of poverty
  10. Cooperatives: a sustainable business model for youth
For more questions on the same, email them at their WEBSITE too.