Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Rockefeller Foundation Innovation Challenge Results

I came to know of this challenge too late :-( but all the same am glad to follow up the ideas submitted and the corresponding results and utter my congratulations message to all participants.In my capacity,no single participant is a failure,whether they won or not.

The challenge was looking for innovative ideas on three major categories: Decoding data,Irrigation efficiency and Farming Now.This was in line with the centennial celebrations of Rockefeller Foundation and hence they were on the look out for innovative ideas  that would address change and bring about the expected impact in the targeted persons. Find HERE detailed information regarding the Challenge overview,Eligibility and Criteria used.
The 8 challenge winners were drawn from the 15 finalists from Africa,Asia,South America and North America from the list of 2,000 entrants who submitted her ideas.They will be applying for grants of  $100,000 to help kick off their ideas.These winning ideas include:

i) Farming Now Category
a) Farm quest by Mobido Coulibay (Mali)~A reality radio program series that comprises of between 6-8 people out to create the "Best New Farm".
b) Empowering youth with agricultural information through Radio and other ICTs by Joseph Macharia (Kenya)~The program will aim at disseminating knowledge on agriculture as a business and on value chain developments.
c) Youth Agro Entrepreneurs by Fatima Oyiza Ademoh (Nigeria) ~An initiative to draw more young people in to agriculture.It operates in schools where young people can come and be taught tid bits of farming.

ii) Irrigation efficiency Category
a) Layering Raised Bed And Furrowing Technology by John Duxbury(United States) ~which focusses on using raised beds and furrows in place of flood irrigation hence efficiently improve the use of fertilizers and water,reduce labour shortages and offer opportunities in the agribusiness sector.
b)  Resonating, Viscoelastic Drip Emitters For Low-Pressure, Low-Cost Drip Irrigation by Amos Winter(United States) ~which is an idea where a drip emitter will reduce by 90% especially for farmers that live off the electrical grid.

iii) Decoding Data Category
a)  Kolkata Medical Emergency System by Rita Bhattacharjee(India)~ which offers a centralised medical emergency system by Kolkata to provide for emergency healthcare facilities or products.
b) WATSAN Portal: a platform for improving water and sanitation in slums by Chelina Odbert  (Kenya) ~which is a phone based system offering to work with communities through identification of structures that link to the municipal with an aim of upgrading the projects concerned with water/sanitation.
c) Open Legislative Data by  Pedro Markun(Brazil) ~which is a data platform where Sao Paulo residents can obtain official information on any topics that interests them.

Further information on the winners can be obtained at  The Rockefeller Foundation Centennial Website and Rockefeller Foundation

Once again,Congratulations to the winners and all who participated.All the best in implementing your noble ideas.

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